Happy Learning

We use the concept Play and Learn. So that the Student can easily understand the Concept shows more interest in Learning

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Currently we are Covering the Curriculum of 1st Standard to 5th Standard


1 STD தமிழ் 3rd Term

1 STD தமிழ் 3rd Term

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2ம் வகுப்பு தமிழ் 3 பருவம்

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3ம் வகுப்பு 3ம் பருவம்

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All Our Lessons are carefully planned

To Grab more attention form Students Our Lessons are carefully planned so that the student understand the concept easily

Happy Schooling
Inspired by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

The Concept are explained to the Children in a Play and Learn way so that they can easily Understand the Concept.

The Lessons are planed in the way that the Children can understand the Concept and Make a Real World Connection with the  Concept they have learned.

The students are thought with the various method to implement the Concept to get more knowledge on the same.

What Teachers & Parents Have to Say

Students Spends more time with the lessons without losing their focus and understands the concepty easily.
Easy to Track the Students progress, to identify the lessons in which the face any hindrance and to give more focus on those areas
Priya Swan
Easy to give assignments and to Communicate withe the Students in one click about the Lessons and Assignments they have to Take.
Grade book option gives a clear idea about the students understanding in each lessons